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Twelve years for cab driver in deadly shooting case

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Twelve years for cab driver in deadly shooting case

Post by Aftab on Thu 24 Jul 2008 - 17:52
Jul 24 2008 by Ben Rossington, Liverpool Daily Post

A MERSEYSIDE man involved in the fatal shooting of a father-of-three was today behind bars.

Carl Fury was jailed for 12 years by a Liverpool Crown Court judge yesterday.

He denied murdering Derek Stevens, who was shot in the head while driving his gold Land Rover through Halewood on January 5.

But Fury, 24, of Wood Road, Halewood, admitted manslaughter on Tuesday.

The court heard that Fury and 35-year-old Mr Stevens were locked in a long-running dispute.

On the night he died, Mr Stevens was driving along Mackets Lane, talking on his mobile phone.

On the road in front, Fury was driving his black Metrocab with, police believe, several passengers.

Six minutes earlier, he was captured on CCTV at a local petrol station.

Brian Cummings, prosecuting, said Mr Stevens rammed the Metrocab at least once in Mackets Lane, before one of the passengers fired a fluke shot out of a side window.

The bullet pierced Mr Stevens’s tinted windscreen and hit him in the head, killing him. His Land Rover then careered across the road, ploughing head-on into an oncoming taxi.

Paramedics thought they were at a serious road crash until they saw Mr Stevens’s body and spotted his injuries.

Fury admitted knowing someone in his car had a gun, which would be used to frighten Mr Stevens if they met him while they were out.

But he denied the intention was to kill Mr Stevens, saying he doubted whether the gun- man, whom he has refused to name to police, meant to fire the fatal shot between moving cars.

Mr Justice King told Fury while passing sentence that he had never shown the slightest remorse. He added: “The use of a loaded firearm, even only to frighten, in a premeditated plan, cannot be tolerated in a civilised society.”

Fury, who has one previous conviction for robbery, showed no emotion, merely nodding to the public gallery as he was led away.

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