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Manchester council prosecutes rogue cabbie

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Manchester council prosecutes rogue cabbie

Post by Admin on Fri 16 Jan 2009 - 15:26

Fine for rogue cabbie
13/ 1/2009

A PRIVATE hire driver has landed a hefty fine and points on his licence for illegally picking up passengers.

Private hire drivers are not allowed to pick people up unless they have been booked beforehand with the cab firm.

If they break the rules their insurance is invalidated.

Nabeel Arshad picked up six female passengers who had not booked ahead in Withy Grove in Manchester city centre in September.

Initially, Arshad, of Hare Street, Rochdale, said he had not been in the area and had finished work early to meet a friend.

But when told he had been spotted, he said he could not remember what had happened.

Now, following a private prosecution by Manchester council, he must pay nearly 800 and has seven penalty points on his licence.

Coun Richard Cowell said: "Anyone who visits the city centre, especially during nights out, should be aware they are not insured if they hail a private hire taxi on the street, and should always use a hackney carriage instead.

"We are doing everything we can to crack down on unscrupulous drivers who try to make extra money with no regard for their passengers' safety.

"We have regular patrols looking out for private hire drivers who break the rules {ndash} particularly those who come from out of town at weekends."

Although passengers are not insured if they get into a private hire car which has not been booked ahead, they are covered if they hail a hackney carriage in the street.

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Re: Manchester council prosecutes rogue cabbie

Post by Aftab on Sat 17 Jan 2009 - 6:14

Aaaaah, such is life, we caught some private hire goosing too, and took them to court and fines were imposed and guess what, it didn't stop goosing at all. That was in the ninties mind you Laughing

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