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Taxi licence plate stolen from Skirlaugh - police issue warn

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Taxi licence plate stolen from Skirlaugh - police issue warn

Post by Aftab on Tue 6 Jan 2009 - 4:02

Taxi licence plate stolen from Skirlaugh - police issue warning to customers

Published Date: 05 January 2009
POLICE in the Humberside area are handing out the following advice to passengers using taxi and private hire vehicles, after a taxi licence plate was stolen from a taxi in the Skirlaugh area
It is estimated that people spend around 21m per year on taxi fares in the Hull area. This is approximately 5.2 million journeys.

Advice being handed out:

Never get into a vehicle that does not display an appropriate plate at the rear. It may not
be insured or licensed.

Ensure that the driver is displaying an approved badge. Only drivers licensed by the council can drive licensed private hire vehicles or hackney carriages (taxis).

The vehicle and the driver should be presentable and they must carry evidence of the license in a visible position.

The vehicle license number plate (white) must be affixed to the rear of the outside of the vehicle.

The vehicle license number is repeated on the fare chart, which should be clearly visible to the passengers in the vehicle.

The driver will wear a badge which includes his/her photograph and driver license number.

In addition to this, police suggest using a licensed taxi or private-hire vehicle from a well-known firm.

- Make sure that you have the telephone number of the taxi company you have booked with.

- When the taxi arrives, ask the name of the person the driver is to collect, as well as his name and company.

- Do not get into a taxi you have not asked for.

- If possible, share a taxi with a friend.

- Always sit in the back; if you chat to the driver, do not give away any personal details.

- When arriving home, have your money and house keys ready and consider asking the driver to wait until you are in the house.

- If the driver makes you feel uneasy, ask him to stop at a busy public place and get out. If he refuses to stop, raise the alarm by waving or shouting out of the window.

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