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Licensing Board Policy 8th June 2010 (HCV SPEC & FARES)

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Licensing Board Policy 8th June 2010 (HCV SPEC & FARES)

Post by Licensing Section on Wed 9 Jun 2010 - 2:13

Hello all there was not a lot on the agenda at this meeting just two items regarding Taxi's and Private Hire.
the review of Hackney Carriage Specification and a verbal report on the application for a Hackney Carriage Fares rise.

1, Hackney Carriage Vehicle Specification

This was reviewed by the Board and the following chagnes to the specification were made.

Section 2 Body (covering Running Boards)

d) Running boards will only be allowed as long as they are manufactured for the particular type of vehicle they are fitted to, and where they are fitted by the manufacturers or approved agents and supplied with the appropriate certificate of authenticity.

e) Vehicle must have European whole type approval with running boards. All running boards must conform to construction and use regulations.

e) The board must be a minimum five inches in width, all of which must be available as a step.

The Board made these changes above to allow drivers to more easily convert existing vehicles with electric steps to running Boards, but please remember that your vehicle will fail the test if the above conditions are not met.

4) Turning Circle This section has been completely withdrawn.

IT was agreed by all that this section has become outdated and restrictive to newer vehicles entering the market place.

Section 6.4 Sliding Doors (now 5.4)


The size of the sign shall be not less than prescribed minimum as advised by the DFT, (VOSA) for warning signs on PSV Vehicles and not more than 400 sq. cms and shall be so positioned so as not to impair rear vision.

This is a slight change but to the sizing of door opening signs and was more of a manfactuers request.


The report was brought about as a result of a written request from the STTA for a fares increase. The Cheif Licensing Officer has a duty to inform the Board of the request but the request was made out side of the normal policy procedure of hearing these annual usually around October.

The Chair and the Board consider whether they would hear an application outside of Policy and the Board decided that they would not hear the application at this time and would only consider an application when made at the appropriate time in October 2010.

Clive Stephenson
Chief Licensing Officer

Licensing Section

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