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Heart checks for cabbies praised

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Heart checks for cabbies praised

Post by Admin on Mon 1 Mar 2010 - 6:30

The scheme, run by NHS Sheffield in partnership with One Medicare, offered 'at risk' drivers the chance to be screened for cardiovascular disease.

It has now been praised in the Marmot Review 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives' report about health inequalities across the

Dr Jeremy Wight, Director of Public Health, said: 'I am delighted this innovative work has been recognised. Conventional approaches to putting over health promotion messages have often failed in the past to reach men, and South Asian men in particular. That is particularly unfortunate given they have high levels of heart disease and diabetes.

'So developing new ways to put over the health messages, and help them take control of their own health, is really important. We must now try to extend this kind of approach to other communities.'"

As part of the programme a group of drivers also agreed to be 'health champions' - promoting it to other taxi drivers across the city. In total 142 attended for screening at the Sheffield City GP Health Centre.

As part of the health checks the drivers' height, weight, body mass index and blood pressure were also tested. Those identified as being of elevated risk were offered appointments to see a GP.

Hafeas Rehman, chair of the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association, attended for screening.

He said: "The initiative is a great idea because it can highlight potential future illnesses before they arise. The drivers were grateful for the chance to be screened and soon realised it was a quick and easy process.

"It helped to target people in the community who are more likely to suffer from heart disease. The initiative has opened the eyes of many in the community."

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