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Post by Aftab on Wed 14 Jan 2009 - 17:02

Cabbies price hike wish refused(maidenhead)

Taxi fares will stay as they are after councillors rejected a proposed price hike from cabbies.

Licence fee increases for hackney carriage and private hire taxi drivers were also rejected as the licensing panel looked to support residents and drivers in the difficult economic climate.

A minimum fare increase from 2.60 to 3 for hackney carriage cabs, not private hire taxis, was deemed an unnecessary extra cost, which would turn people away from using taxis, at the meeting last night at Maidenhead Town Hall.

The three hackney carriage zones of Windsor, Maidenhead and an area outside the two town centres, largely based around Ascot station taxi rank, were merged into one today.

With standardised prices across the zones, residents in Ascot will actually benefit from a fare decrease from 3 to 2.60 to come in line with the other zones.

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