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Taxi ran down cyclist on purpose

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Taxi ran down cyclist on purpose

Post by stf on Mon 6 Oct 2008 - 18:21

A Glasgow taxi driver who deliberately ran down a cyclist he thought had made an obscene gesture at him has been convicted of assault.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Alistair Palmer mounted the pavement and swerved into Michael Martin twice on Auchinloch Road in Lenzie on 20 April this year.

He then drove off but was traced after another driver noted his registration.

Mr Martin said he had slapped the back of the taxi because it was too close. He was treated for cuts and bruises.

Palmer, aged 53, of Truro Avenue, Moodiesburn, was also found guilty of failing to stop at the scene of an accident and failing to report it to police.

'Too close'

Mr Martin, a competing racing cyclist, told the court he was out for a Sunday morning cycle when Palmer tried to overtake him at a mini roundabout.

He said: "Just as we approached the roundabout the taxi cut in front of me and because of the traffic island it had to come in closer to me than was comfortable. I saw the taxi swerve the first time and I thought "did that just happen?" then I saw him do it again
Kenneth Taylor

"It was my natural instinct to put my hand out to the back wheel arch of the taxi and there was a slap as my hand made contact with the taxi.

"The driver turned round and I kind of pointed at my eye as if to say watch where you're going."

Mr Martin, 39, drove through the roundabout and noticed the taxi was approaching him.

He said: "I was aware that the vehicle was very close and there was contact between my hip and thigh and the front of the taxi.

Mr Martin said the impact made him swerve into the kerb.

He said: "At that point I became aware that the taxi was also on the pavement and again made contact with me.

"I put my hand to the front of the taxi to try and stop it and that then knocked me off my bike and flicked me round the front of the car into the centre of the road."

Another driver Kenneth Taylor, 55, said he could not believe what he was seeing.

Mr Taylor said: "I saw the taxi swerve the first time and I thought "did that just happen?" then I saw him do it again."

"The taxi driver was smiling, laughing away to himself."

Palmer told the court that he thought Mr Martin had "given me the finger" and chased after him because he had hit his taxi.

He said: "I put the window down to shout at him to stop but he just kept on going. He went to take another swipe at the taxi and I braked and he hit the air and tumbled off his bike."

Sheriff Andrew Mackie rejected his version of events and convicted Palmer of all three charges.

Sentencing was deferred until next month.


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